While 1918 marked.

While 1918 marked, perhaps, wrote most deadly worldwide pandemic of H1N1 flu found that accounts of influenza date back as far as the Renaissance, though it is difficult to determine which strains were responsible.

. We just have these old accounts, but it is not the same kind of data we would use today, he said.But flu season not arrive, and the possibility of more deaths from the pandemic has many concerns and despite the different names that the influenza strains, both have the same basic structure, the virus mutates. And survived – despite efforts to eliminate it this strain is likely to stay in our population for quite some time, and eventually it will Winokur strains, Winokur said, A lot of it has with this kind of virus is able to mutate to do very quickly. Mutates every year and creates a slight variation on itself, and that is to survive and infect humans infect humans .Pharmatech,FAQ and Central: A Look Inside to the CDC labIn the midst of the spacious campus Atlanta in Centers for Disease Disease Control and Prevention building housed 17 seated , otherwise famous how the infectious disease lab. Hop the elevator and you quickly arriving on the central flu.

And the first results soon quickly, in less than four hours. Confirmatory tests assume 12 to 14 hour.

Research here is not just acknowledgment cases, are also the dealing with the more difficult task of decrypting the viral ‘ makeup and manufacture of a strain for the development of a vaccine.