Waste Bars have dangerous levels of lead.

Waste Bars have dangerous levels of lead, rememberedToxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars have been recalled because a lot of it has been found that high levels of lead – 0.24 parts per million, as the FDA tolerance of 0.1 ppm against. The FDA announced that Circle City Marketing and Sales Partner , acting as Candy Dynamics, Indianapolis a voluntary recall a voluntary recall. – The recall applies to all variants of ‘Toxic Wast brand Nuclear Sludg Chew Bars ‘, Net Weight 0.7 oz package.

According to the California Department of Public Health , Lot# 8288A had levels of lead, which lead to potential health problems, especially in young children, infants and pregnant women. The company says it is recalling all lots and flavors since 2007 spread from an abundance of caution. marketed in the U.S.oducts are included in this recall:. If you have any of these recalled products that you call Eileen O’Neal at 317-228-5012 .‘.. Who using far attempted to accelerate screening of candidate biomaterials flat sheet and surfaces.) conjunction with other defects, these two-dimensional substrates have neither in accordance with cells of normal 3-D environment most frequent inside said body nor the use biomaterials: creating frameworks growth of the growth of cells into functional 3-D tissues and organs of. ‘The cells have highly sensitive to the texture, shapes, and other three-dimensional features their local communities inside the body of,’explains NIST A biomaterial scientist Carl Simon. ‘The great difference the structure between two slides – GB and 3-D scaffolds with at screening of of new materials.