To 15th in the July 2005 posted issue of cancer.

The results of this research were in prestigious scientific journal in the field of oncology or Dermatology published .

In this study at the University of Granada, line. Found – which are bacterial lysis genes used – were developed. This is the first time that this type of genes in eukaryotic cells, for the treatment of tumors is used. During the in vitro tests, the researchers investigated the effects of these genes on the B16-F10 melanoma line. This line was then used to generate tumors in vivo, and to analyze their effect.The survey, to 15th in the July 2005 posted issue of cancer , a peer-reviewed journal to the American Cancer Society reports that factor which were an improved life quality, such as social support are released associated with low levels of of a protein by both immune cells are and tumor cell as interleukin 6 . In contrast, adverse the quality of life factors been associated with higher IL-6 levels. The study is to find a first association both the peripheral blood and near of the tumor.. Almost non a prognostic marker for ovarian connected An new study of the National Cancer Institute funded reported to social support and any other behavioral factors are related to to levels from a circulating protein which is linked to a high level with poor prognosis at.