This technology has already received 510K clearance from the FDA.

This technology has already received 510K clearance from the FDA. BBS facilitates accurate and fast non – palpable lesions and micro calcification shadows localization in the treatment of breast cancer. It is more cost effective, standalone stereotactic image-based system that uses data from a pair of mammograms to enable radiologists to accurately position a localization needle or biopsy tool at the location of suspicious abnormalities in the patient’s breast. Revolutions Medical believes that the BBS will offer significant advantages for the localization and biopsy of breast abnormalities. The system can also be changed with the use of existing popular biopsy tools. A technology platform used to create a technology platform for the future development including multi-modal breast imaging for the image fusion of MRI and X-ray pictures will be provide.

RevMed believes that this ,, in the vast majority of more than 50,000 mammography machines in use worldwide in use worldwide, including more than 15,000 used in the U.S. This market also represents $ 400M per year in disposable products. ‘By leveraging the advantages of our RevVac safety syringe and incorporating them into this new FDA BBS technology; RevMed should be able to Revolutionsxciting new product will bring to market in the fourth quarter of 2009 in the future through the merger. RevColor RevColor and Rev3D MRI technology with X-ray images, we believe that there is the possibility of a multi-modal breast imaging technology that could dramatically increase the accuracy of detection of breast cancer, ‘says Ron Wheet, Revolutions Medical Corporation.. About 4 million diagnostic procedures annually annually worldwide to evaluate abnormalities detected during mammography screening.New York, more willing to doctor are more willing to be test her blood pressure and cholesterol and obtain Pap test and mammography and colorectal screening people with physicians, will care of well as likely and tips on sensitive issues. Such as sexual health and alcohol and drug use.

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