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###This paper is available at: read more .If acute hepatitis develops into chronic hepatitisat the Helmholtz Centre at the Helmholtz Centre in Braunschweig, as to a to a hepatitis B infection.To achieve this, Carlos examined A. Head of the ‘Vaccinology and Applied Microbiology ‘working group and Robert Geffers, Head of the ‘Gene Expression Analysis ‘platform, the frequency and type of specific immune cells, helper cells, in conjunction with its role the development of the disease in conjunction with their Indian counterparts. With the help of genetic analysis, they showed how the genes regulated in these immune cells varies according to the development of the disease. These new findings can help doctors whether an infection is curable or whether by settling in the liver, it will develop into a chronic case. These results are now in the journal, Hepatology published.

A key factor in achieving an appropriate immune response is the rapid mobilization of immune cells. This target the infected liver without destruction without destroying unnecessary liver tissue in the process. Subtypes of T helper cells play a vital role in achieving this necessary balance between immunity and tolerance: effector T cells and regulatory T cells . While effector T cells fight a virus infection and killing of infected host cells, Immune system down an immune response and cut off the effector T cells. They act as any destruction of the tissue. Examines the international team of scientists, such as T-helper cells to influence the development of the hepatitis B disease -. To this end, they took blood samples from Indian patients with hepatitis B and compared the extent to which the altered incidence of T – cell subsets in the blood of developing the disease and what genes are affects responsible.

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