The unique device.

The unique device, such as a fenestrated endograft is known, is a tubular, fabric graft with supporting metal stents that are individually positioned holes , the proper blood flow through the aorta and to the kidneys and nearby organs sure has .

James McKinsey, site chief of the Division of Vascular Surgery at NewYork – Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University Medical Center and associate professor of clinical surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. While the fenestrated endograft procedure takes more time and skill than repair of standard aneurysms, ‘there for the patient for the patient, can leave the hospital can leave the hospital in a few days and return to normal activities in a week, ‘says Dr. Angeliki Vouyouka who carried out the operation with Dr. McKinsey. It is a vascular surgeon at NewYork – Presbyterian Hospital and assistant professor of surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College..A in total of 230 participants completed into ‘After 18 months, only 6.5 % of the branch, met 2 per cent in sequential arm of and 6.5 % in the standard care arm met the primary endpoint,’or to change two of said three behavior, the authors write. ‘However, results for individual behavior change goals consistently favored simultaneously groups. ‘.