The Times reports that several HIV / AIDS experts described effort as the aggressive in the country.

Donna Futterman – director of Adolescent AIDS Montefiore Medical Center program in the Bronx, which helped to develop New York City, Bronx program – said, ‘What ‘s new here is that we implement it on this large a level,’adding: ‘the Bronx has 1.3 million inhabitants, it is bigger than most cities that speak larger than Boston, bigger than Washington we are talking about a significant urban population ‘peace. Support support the Bronx elected officials :ealth care providers and clergy – said the health department chose the Bronx because it has good relationships with clinics and hospitals there.

PKD Foundation President and CEO Dan Larson applauded the beginning of the experiments. PKD families are eager to learn from all the potential benefits, says Larson. The hope and the hope of the PKD Foundation is that this is a step toward finding a cure for PKD and improve the care and treatment of those it has to be. .Diagnosis of out of monogenic diseaseThis trial, except savings of the parent the waiting time by the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy to figure out the sex of their future child contains a large scientific progress made in critical medical applications, particularly in diagnosis of diseases which. By monogenic X chromosome, as hemophilia or Duchenne In these cases, the opportunity of determining the sex of the baby must be avoided as soon as possible, would the processes of invasive prenatal diagnosis such as amniocentesis, chorionic and cordcentesis that intervention of an risk to the life fetus.