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‘Interpret our data suggest that some types of plants will be easy to ID and others are much more difficult,’said Smith. ‘The slower plant species plant species, the more difficult it is from related from related plants. However, our analyzes show a good new direction. ‘.

The study also showed that the difference was seen in the velocity between herbs and woody plants preserved through evolutionary time. To get an idea of the scope of the data type in this study succeeded in the largest data set contains over 4500 species, while typical tests of such hypotheses to less than 50 species in total are based, said Yale graduate student and lead author Stephen Smith. – For each branch on each limb of the tree But ourearchers calculated the rate of molecular evolution by determining the number of DNA nucleotide substitutions per site per million years.The National Lipid Association – to leading of education and career development report organization of for clinical lipidology – is pleased to announce latest accept his review, the Journal known Clin Lipidology for indexing in for indexing in PubMed and MEDLINE by the U.S. National Library of Medicine .

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