The results of the study will be assessed at 12 months

Dromising results in Cell – Enriched Breast Reconstruction Study reported – RESTORE 2 is a post-marketing study in the first place to the satisfaction of patients and physicians in the reconstruction of the chest measured using the Celutio 800/CRS-System . The aim is hospital hospital and physician reimbursement and remission of Celutio 800/CRS-System across Europe. The results of the study will be assessed at 12 months, per study design. The co-principal investigators for RESTORE 2 are Dr. Weiler – Mithoff, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Canniesburn Plastic Surgery Unit at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Dr. Rez Cano, Chief of Plastic Surgery Services at Hospital Universitario Gregorio Mara? n in Madrid, Spain.

Kaiser Family Foundation: Racial / Ethnic Disparities in access to care for children under: How Does do Medicaid in closing the gaps? – The study concludes: ‘Our findings provide empirical evidence that, although Medicaid is often perceived, behind private insurance lag in providing access to health services, the program will work just as good as private insurance compensation for access Maintaining African American and Latino children to White children. However shows the persistence of inequalities between insured children, which may increase during the insurance access to care, it is not to eliminate necessarily barriers children of color children of color disproportionately seem ‘(Lillie – Blanton, Paradise, Jacobs and DiJulio.

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HealthDay News ‘ ‘New chemotherapy improve of metastatic colorectal cancer patient survival but can pricey, a recent study the Emory University in Emory University in in Atlanta analyzed data from 4,665 patients aged 66 and older, diagnosed with in metastatic colorectal cancer between the and 2005. And 2005. In comparison with those which were given chemotherapeutic elder patients receiving one or more the six chemotherapy agents lived hereby approved in the United States from 1996 to 2004 an average of 6.8 months more than. This increase was of survival has been associated with lifetime cost increase in the 37 th $ 66 200 $ 66,200 each year of life gained ‘.