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The resulting platelet AcrodoseSM leukocytes reduced, matched for blood type and tested for bacteria using a sensitive culture – based system, the same kind of state-of – the-art systems, which are used a constant struggle to apheresis platelets. They are clinically equivalent in terms of platelet count and quality to those derived from apheresis, but at lower cost. With the Acrodose PL System, blood and hospitals will apheresis apheresis to gather to collect both expensive and time consuming, and have anemia anemia related.

Platelets are in high demand for people with leukemia, blood disorders, recipients of bone marrow or organ transplants and accident, burn and trauma victims Platelets are a valuable resource that within five to seven days of collection expires before he and. Rejected must be transfused.Our franchisees our franchisees autonomy of entrepreneurs, hereby authorized to elect Medicine Shoppe franchisee, which of the options in most sense for your business, including the choice in order to remain with their current contract. We firmly believe that our franchise Tools are fair and equitable and that franchisees are determine which of determine which option would be very good for their business provided.

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