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The patients in the study, a particularly aggressive form of vasculitis were caused by ANCA against a protein than PR3 see more . They were. Using a procedure called plasma exchange therapy that the PR3 ANCA dealt with removed from the blood ‘With an antibody produced with complementary PR3 protein, in the laboratory, we protein pool is removed from the patient plasma during plasma exchange therapy, to discharge any proteins that with the anti with the anti-complementary PR3 identify analyzes identify, Falk ‘explains. Earlier studies have suggested that antibodies to complement proteins role in the initiation role in the initiation of auto-immune diseases. Identification.ts showed autoantibodies against a complementary protein that the researcher surprise it turned out to be a plasminogen protein,. Role in blood clotting. 22 percent of patients with PR3 ANCA vasculitis had anti – plasminogen antibodies, among other things, 56 percent of those who had serious blood clotting problems as a complication of their disease. ‘Identification of potentially pathogenic[ disease-causing] anti-plasminogen antibodies provides an explanation for why patients with PR3-ANCA disease have a high incidence of blood clots,’said Dr.

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