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The New York Times reported go to this link click here . Abortion opponents damned policy reversal called it an unnecessarily divisive way for a president preaching unity to begin his administration. Christopher Smith .

Lawton as Bruntsfield Medical Practice receives the 100th QPA Award, ScotlandDr. Ken Lawton, chairman of the RCGP Scotland, was on hand to the 100th Quality Practice Award plaque to the Bruntsfield Medical Practice will present on 26 November. To date, 84 procedures were successful in Scotland with 16 wins QPA re-accreditation, awarded an outstanding achievement for both the Bruntsfield Medical Practice and General Practice in Scotland as a whole. This is the second time that the Bruntsfield Medical Practice the the QPA after he achieved the award in 2002. Dr Lawton said: ‘It is a great success for Bruntsfield practice receive the QPA award for the second time, all members of the practice team are very proud. ‘.

The results from a Phase 2 to the expansion study were presented in March 2009 the American College of Medical Genetics Annual Meeting of in the Tampa, FL. O Amicus told the treatment with Amigal was generally well tolerated, not drugs – related serious adverse events. The most common side effects were headache, joint pains and diarrhea. In healthy subjects identified as the responder to Amigal led to an increased resulted in increased levels of the target enzyme , as white blood cells and white blood cells and the kidney and reduced level of the target substrate , as measured of renal the interstitial capillary tube cells from renal biopsies and urine.

Raphael Schiffmann, Director, Institute of Metabolic Disease, Baylor Health Care System Foundation, commented, After research in Fabry few years years involved and taking into account the phase 2 dates by migalastat, do I am pleased that a Phase 3 trial starts are looking forward to further dealing with this new approach for treatment of Fabry disease. .