The more protection would have offered.

The report noted that a violent solar storm that would have in August 1972 occurred between the Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 missions are extremely dangerous to the had been had been on the moon the. Radiation exposure would vary depending on whether the astronauts were exploring the lunar surface or were have inside the landing craft, the more protection would have offered, the report said.

The improvement in the results with the surgery was six weeks ago and was observed still after four years. Patients treated without surgery also showed improvement, but not as much as in the surgery group. There were few serious complications following surgery.The study included 58 person with minor memory disorders or mild cognitive impairment . Of up to 15 % of people with mild cognitive impairment to develop Alzheimer each year. The concentration CSF of the participants at the beginning of at the beginning the study carried a lumbar punction or spinal tap. The concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid of multiple proteins with Alzheimer’s with Alzheimer’s diseases were measured.