The median survival results from the TREE-1 cohort.

The median overall survival in the TREE-2 cohort was 24.4 months . The safety results revealed no unexpected toxicity, and are also consistent with previously presented data on the combination of Eloxatin-based chemotherapy and bevacizumab. Overall, the incidence of any grade 3/4 severe toxicity as follows: FOLFOX 75 percent vs. 66 percent, bFOL 42 percent vs. 59 percent, 73 percent vs 54 percent CapeOx. The addition of bevacizumab in TREE-2 caused more grade 3/4 hypertension, impaired wound healing and bowel perforation in each arm. – ‘The results of this study for the first time, that is the median survival time for patients with advanced colorectal cancer demonstrated to extend over two years,’said Howard S . For all subsequent courses, patients received gemcitabine IV over 30 minutes on days 1, 8 and 15, with courses repeated every 4 weeks in the absence of disease progression or unacceptable toxicity).

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