The Conference presentations will be from BIASE and the University of Chicago Simulation Center.

‘.. The Conference presentations will be from BIASE and the University of Chicago Simulation Center, the advanced high-fidelity human patient simulators and the access grid simulates tele-collaboration technology medical events and scenarios in an immersive environment provides hosted to study. Simulated computer and automation technology and the ability to bring surgical settings and evaluate surgical technique ‘a new level of innovation and accountability to the operating room,’said Alverdy. ‘Before these tools were available, surgeons trained by observation and practicing,’he said. ‘Now we surgical environment surgical environment.

45 polymer, biological devices and cardiac surgery, Shahab Ahkter, 15 percutaneous biliary anastomotic Guiliano Testa, 15 live-action operation in real-time, remote, continuous, interdisciplinary cooperation: the time has come, Jonathan Silverstein, Moderator; Vivek Prachand, attending surgeon. – Information and Visualization, – networking, simulation for the workflow, built environment,. And – team outages.. Conference Schedule for Friday, December8:30 Vision for the meeting, Jeffrey B. Matthews, Alverdy, 45 lower the risk from the high-risk anastomosis: technology and thinking about Andrea Olivas MD, Surgical Research Fellow.15 story future of anastomotic devices, Michael Whitman, New Hope Ventures.15 Making innovation matter: industry view Marisha Godek, Covidien.45 Surgical innovation: the Spanish experience, Julio Mayol, 15 virtual reality, simulation, robotics Demonstrationen.00 Biological scaffolding Joel Collier,.On Image courtesy to to the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy is Report show, search the archives , or sign up for email service to emperors Daily Health policy coverage strongly in favor kaiser network. A free service from the Henry J. Publishes. Kaiser Family Foundation.