The bacterium that commonly causes stomach ulcers in humans called Helicobacter pylori follow this web-site.

The bacterium that commonly causes stomach ulcers in humans called Helicobacter pylori. Extensive research has been carried out on this bacterium and the two scientists who discovered they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine However, in a However, in a small %age of biopsies there is a similar, but not previously identified bacteria follow this web-site . Numerous research projects have failed attempts to culture this microbe in the laboratory described since it was Now the 1990th Now, scientists from Belgium have succeeded. ‘We have a new method to cultivate these bacteria and can now study their main characteristics and virulence properties developed,’said Professor Dr. Freddy Haesebrouck from Ghent University in Belgium. The researchers had aspects of the bacterium natural habitat, restore the stomach. They used acid, which kills other microbes but is necessary for these bacteria growing. Charcoal was used to substances that remove toxic to the stomach bacterium. Genetic analyzes revealed that it in the context of in the context of the common stomach ulcer Helicobacter pylori. ,, Helicobacter suis, comes from the Latin for ‘of the pig’. Suis associated with gastric ulcers in pigs to to sudden death: a major problem for farmers. ‘The economic losses for the pork industry and the risk of the bacteria infecting humans justify the need for further research,’said Dr. Margo Baele from Ghent University in Belgium. ‘The data show that people in close contact with pigs a higher risk of infection, this suggests suis is a zoonotic agent, capable transferred from animals to humans. ‘We know very little about infects infects humans and pigs and how it causes disease Thanks to this research are pure isolates of H. Suis now, the new prospects for the study of this organism and its interaction with the host, ‘says Prof. Freddy Haesebrouck.

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