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Was and body mass index of the New Research Linkedsmoking and body mass index are risk factors for the development of age-related hearing loss, says one of the biggest studies on risk factors for hearing loss – but alcohol has a protective effect. The study? has just been Springer’s journal Springer’s journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology . The at at the International Society of Audiology Congress in Hong Kong.

The effects of smoking and alcohol consumption have been studied in the past, but the current findings were inconclusive. The new research also confirms that exposure to noise contributes to hearing loss later in life – noise is the most important preventable cause of permanent hearing loss worldwide by the World Health Organization. – deduce Given these findings, Fransen and his colleagues: ‘Hearing loss has always been considered an inevitable part of aging, but more and more studies suggest that is not necessarily true Apparently a healthy lifestyle can be useful for hearing protection. Higher age ‘. By the National by the National Cancer Institute and the Evelyn Hudson Foundation.The researchers found no evidence that a shorter more more promote proposes suggested the Scorecard. The action of the building density walk was mixed. Only if the density reached acre hectare and longer increase and the number of walks, the study says.

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