The age-related macular degeneration.

The age-related macular degeneration , loss of vision in the center of the visual field , retinal damage is a leading cause of legal blindness in the elderly. Approximately 10 66 to 74 66 to 74 years will be a degree of macular degeneration, making it difficult to read for them or even faces. Identify.

These mice had lower levels of inflammatory molecules and higher anti-inflammatory molecules, which may explain this protective effect. Tuo et al point out that by a diet to EPA and DHA enriched the progression of retinal lesions in their mouse model of AMD improve and that the results in these mice are consistent with the epidemiological studies of AMD risk reduction long-chain n-3 fatty acids. results continues the scientific basis for the use of omega-3 – fatty acids and their biologically active derivatives. In the prevention and treatment of AMD In future studies, Dr. Chan and colleagues plan to to use this mouse model of[ other] therapies the development of AMD the development of AMD assessed.The number of the U.S. Children is was born with HIV / AIDS since the mid – 1990s, demographics demographic groups, according to the latest issue of HRSA of Women’s Health United States.

– Up to 16 five % of women, usually starting before age 25 are at risk for gynecological condition – vulvodynia. Hispanic women may at higher risk for the disease. 2007th antenatal under Native racial and ethnic groups having historical low workload, including the non-Hispanic blacks, Hispanic, and American Indian / Alaska women, by 20 % risen since 1990.