Successful in a recent pilot study.

Successful in a recent pilot study, Rcadia the software identified and excluded CAD in 100 percent of patients in 99 percent of arteries. The real benefit of Rcadia software algorithms is the high negative predictive value, explains Jeff added Mendel, director of Caritas St. Elizabeth Hospital in Boston, Mendel that the high negative predictive value is the key for screening false positives , software patients with true negative tests that is not CAD.

About Rcadia Medical Imaging, Ltd.Rcadia active in the development of specialized software for automated CT angiography detection, assessment and reporting of coronary heart disease is. While the company is currently focusing on coronary CTA Rcadia also developed a wide range of solutions for other clinical applications. Its flagship software, COR Analyzer II utilizes a proprietary algorithm to patients without coronary artery disease with a high negative predictive value to identify. For more information on Rcadia the CTA software visit.– health care policy debates to a sleeping draft to get some. But does not for listeners an online radio program, which dispute interview feature will that Friday. With two prominent domestic leaders in of the often heated about, how to solve the health care crises.

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