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New York Times.. Howeverries ‘ Access problems for Immune globulin treatment InvestigatedTo Bush Rx Drug Benefit in Atlanta , President Bush plans to to travel to Atlanta on Friday for a meeting with Medicare beneficiaries hold benefit of the new prescription drug debate. The visit is part of the continuing effort by the Bush administration to raise benefit to the beneficiaries of the prescription drugs. However, said Bill Brown, director of communications for the Georgia Chapter AARP that Medicare beneficiaries have some concerns about the prescription drug benefit, as gap in gap in coverage for those drugs with annual increases between $ 2,250 and $ 5,100. Meanwhile, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm said at the National Governors Conference in Iowa this weekend that as many as 17 governors suit over suit over the Medicare prescription drug benefit.

(Pollack, New York Times, under the 2003 Medicare law CMS began in January based on reimbursements for IVIG in surgeries at an average price rather than managed to average wholesale price. ‘s average selling price, discounts discounts for bulk buyers and less expensive brands is lower. As a result of the revision, physician Medicare from $ 66 per gram of IVIG declined to about $ 39 a gram IVIG powdered brands and $ 56 per gram for liquid brands (Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, According to the New York Times, the reduction in Medicare reimbursements for IVIG ‘appears in part to be determined, over-use over-use ‘of the treatments that doctors often prescribe for off-label uses. However, the combination of reduced Medicare and higher prices for IVIG amid a reported lack of of treatment has many doctors no longer provide IVIG to beneficiaries encouraged to be.##This research was supported by of the MSU post of VP research and Graduate Studies funded and support of the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station.