Published Online: April 15.

Article: ‘Red Blood Cell age and potentiation of transfusion-related pathology in trauma patients ‘ Jordan A. Weinberg. Scott R. Barnum, and Rakesh P. TRANSFUSION; Published Online: April 15, 2011 .

Item: Storage lesion: The role of Red Cell Breakdown . Daniel B. Kim – Shapiro, Janet Lee, Gladwin. TRANSFUSION; Published Online: April 15, 2011 article: Properties of stored RBCs: Understanding Immune and Vascular Reactivity. Philip C. Spinella, Rosemary L. Sparrow, Philip J. TRANSFUSION; Published Online: April 15, 2011 .Apart from age , several risk factors common types of cataract, like smoking, diabetes and hypertensive been identified, according to background more in the article. Sunlight, and exposure to ultraviolet-B rays show that with cortical cataract, turbidity and opacity appears first be associated of the outer edges of of the lenses. Some medications took by the mouth of or by injection showed in that the the susceptibility the sun to reduce the signs and symptoms as itching or skin rash for regions of the skin exposed to sunlight.

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