Previous studies have shown that exercise humans and animals.

Previous studies have shown that exercise humans and animals, a task experience major changes in their brains. Read learns Braille with a single finger leads, for example, to an increased brain activity the trained digit. Also learn under one set of tones to distinguish elevated brain reactions leads to the trained tones.

The researchers examined the animals brains of again after the rats had practiced their learned task for a few weeks. Rather,ains appeared to have returned to normal, though the animals had not task they perform the task they had learned. Although major changes in the brain were helpful for initial training, these changes are not to be permanent, to be useful, Reed wrote. – ‘We think that this process of enlargement of the brain activity during learning and then contracting them is again closed down learning, can help animals and able to perform many able to perform many different tasks with a high degree of skill, ’cause Reed said. ‘That may explain, for example, why people a new skill like painting or playing the piano, learning without tying up their ability to take their shoes or type on a computer.O public health site called posted the trend of e-cards, e-mail and e – vites for a unique purpose. The e – postcard that tells you that an ancient sex partners noticed to a sexually transmitted disorder or infection.

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