On the men statins equivalent to 20 mg of simvastatin per day.

On the men statins equivalent to 20 mg of simvastatin per day, the risk of recurrence 43 % 43 % and among the men, the equivalent of more than 20 mg simvastatin daily these men, 50 % 50 %. Men who took a statin dose the equivalent of less than 20 mg of simvastatin daily saw no benefit. There were significant differences between the the drug and those who did not do it – Statin users tended white, older and heavier than non-users. They also had lower clinical stages at diagnosis, but higher Gleason score, a measure of tumor aggressiveness.

Risk of recurrence.er Recurrence After Prostatectomy AssociatedMen who use statins lower their cholesterol lower their cholesterol are 30 % less likely to have their prostate cancer return after surgery compared to men who the the drugs, according to researchers at Duke University Medical Center. The researchers also found that higher doses of the drugs were associated with lower risk of recurrence.The research may people who could respond badly for radiation therapy may mean be warned in advance or alternative treatment to search. There are no tests currently available for an abnormal response to radiation. No proposed in the past, such One test.