Nothing beats that old favorite follow this web-site.

– Nothing beats that old favorite, traditional hot cocoa, for an afternoon or after dinner treat for all the kids ! Make the real thing follow this web-site here . By mixing 1 teaspoon each cocoa, sugar and boiling water in a cup until it is solved Then add milk to the top, stir and microwave until steaming.

– Hot roast potatoes make an easy lunch for everyone – top with cheese, coleslaw and a touch of yogurt or light sour cream. – Make a change to your next toasted cheese sandwich with a tortilla or pita bread instead of filling it with baby spinach, whole wheat mustard, ham and cheese. – A slurp of milk in a steaming pot of pumpkin soup will add creaminess and a calcium boost! – Kids love white sauce – dress them by stirring in some pasta, cheese and vegies and herbs sprinkle some breadcrumbs and bake until golden. – Hot Indian curries a hearty and filling. Family meal in a tub of plain yoghurt and warm through just before serving to add creaminess and calcium Stir It will also tone down the curry, making it milder for younger palates.

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