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New York Times: ‘. Legislation on broad nationwide coverage establish needed another is ‘Merck and Lilly ‘misguided Sufficiency and the industry as a whole lags behind ‘, an editorial in Times States, added, writes The Times: ‘Patients need to know that doctors prescribe certain drugs for sound medical reasons – not because pharmaceutical companies have their doctors bought loyalty. ‘The editors, Lilly and Merck ‘pledges are a step and and should be emulated by all other pharmaceutical companies, ‘but’voluntary piecemeal information is not enough ‘According to the editorial: ‘. The next Congress quickly, ‘ quickly, ‘the bipartisan Physician Payments Sunshine Act, what you pay for a mandatory national register of all payments and gifts physicians by drug use, medical equipment, medical supplies and biological medicine to establish businesses.

,, the legislation ‘significantly strengthen patient. Giving them. Centralized, unified clearing house their easily determine what their doctor for what and by whom received ‘continued continues, ‘there is controversy. Whether the reporting threshold should be $ 25, as a medical consumer groups are demanding, or $ 500, which industry industry. ‘The editorial concludes, ‘Limited voluntary disclosure by Lilly, Merck or other drug giant undercuts the integrity of the system, ‘and added, ‘The coverage must be as complete as possible to serve are ‘(Bergen Record.. Some editorials Address Pharmaceutical Companies ‘ Announcements Physician Payments DisclosureTwo newspapers recently published editorials addressing Eli Lilly and Merck releases in the past week that they publicly some fees for doctors from next year.Until 15 HDAC inhibitors are believed of modulating the expression from genes and earlier type in the eliciting an positive effect on the MDS shows In view of encouraging activity of HDAC inhibitors, and the safety and efficacy PXD101, we are very curious on beginning begin evaluating this agents in the treatment on MDS and look forward to further characterizing its activities and pharmacodynamic profile for this population, said Dr.. The primary outcome of this study , the proportion of the confirmed Answer a from the International Task Force. Secondary endpoints include time to progression, the overall survival , duration of response and toxicity. The pharmacodynamic type PXD101 will be also be analyzed by assessing the histone acetylation, gene expression profiling and methylation.