Many employees are experiencing increased stress and reduced health and productivity.

Michael Taitel, vice president the Alere Center for Health Intelligence at Alere LLC, a leading provider of personal health records support solutions that provide insights on how employers can help their employees better manage stress, while increasing productivity and decreasing benefits employee spending at the state and local level benefits Association Annual Meeting in Denver on 29 – Many companies today are looking for ways to reduce spending, said Taitel. Employees are an organization ‘s most valuable asset, but employee productivity lost to an organization can be added financial burden at Alere, our goal is show employers 22 percent of help manage the staff and stay productive even in tough economic times.

Taitel and his colleagues at Alere believe simple programs, incentives and personal health can offer support by employers contribute to health and productivity and manage the stress of today’s workers. He recommends employers:.A yearly suicidal and self-harm preventing summit will held in order to enable research, learning and local results. Be used national. Easily National Action Plan for commit suicide and Self Harm in Of Wales 2008-2013 reduction see.

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