MaliA cholera continue to affect Mali.

MaliA cholera continue to affect Mali . From the beginning of 2004, a total of 280 new cases with 33 deaths in the regions of Mopti, Segou and Timbuctou have been reported.

A WHO team is investigating the outbreak. Cholera transmission in the outbreak is lack lack of safe water, has implemented a specific intervention for the chlorination of drinking water.When you really want to know if the carer do a good job and take care of the public health needs you manager by clicking does in the homeland to observe it the functions and more questions. .. At the moment there are no standard testing are using family and job agencies can to a caregiver the ability to understand and evaluate information relating to health to obey, Lindquist said. We are currently developing Reviews of consumer may use in order caretaker capabilities as well the study of screening method at ratings caregivers Managers use, Lindquist said.