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World Leaders, help help with the worst drought in decades in the Horn of AfricaThere are 18 million undernourished people and 7.5 million at risk of starvation and who after six years of drought, crops in East Africa failed again.National governments, local authorities and the United Nations need to respond in a timely matter, as we the means people people from suffering. United Nations 500 million 500 million emergency fund to life, but it depends on the global response of the governments which unfortunately takes too long and costs lives. – ‘Our people on the ground for urgent for urgent assistance as the situation is at a critical stage and the crisis is on the verge of becoming a catastrophe,’says McComiskey..

CBMI crisis teams in Kenya have to save a 3-stage Famine Crisis Plan for famine – hit families started CBMI ask for support, to supply food aid. Packs, medicine, wells, livestock and trachoma programs.AMA the Council of the Doctors in training Chair, Alex Markwell said today the PGPPP had major programs to invite medical school graduates, are of GPs. ‘The PGPPP young doctor there a foretaste common practice and encourages them in order to regard it as a long-term career option, ‘Dr Markwell said. – ‘More than that, is supplements existing GP people and enhanced patient access at GPS.