In the second phase just reported.

In the second phase just reported, the researchers 370 of the original 401 patients observed until the age of 6 and not only confirmed the earlier findings, but also showed that high-risk children to continue to do well at the age of 6 when early early treatment.

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Blasberg, MD, Hank F., David R., David A. Mankoff, MD, Jorge A. Carrasquillo, MD, Wynn A. Volkertshausen, and Robert W.. Program and loudspeaker for that two-day symposium are listed here. ‘Clinical Implementation from Advanced Image Processing and Reconstruction Algorithms, ‘Mark T. Mark I. / Moderator , James Halama, co-presenter, Hans Vijay, Salvador Borges – Neto, MD, Eric C., Richard W. And Jody Garrad. ‘ ‘SPECT / CT: orchestration and Clinical Applications ‘, operators / host, James Halama; co-host, Manuel D. Cerqueira, MD, Frank P. DiFilippo, and James A. And Jack A.* ‘monitoring of response to said having with PE, ‘Alan H.