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In the New York metropolitan area, 000 33rd 000 unionized workers for home health agencies to work with expired contracts, according to the union. In addition, 5,000 home health staff in agencies, organized the union recently, but the authorities have their first their first contracts signed. click to follow

On 33 Health Care Union addiction Legislation To Make Home Health Care Agencies Boost Worker PayNew York 1199 Service Employees International Union, United Healthcare Workers East President George Gresham said recently that the union is is not trying funds from the national budget to identify problems with to solve home care worker wages, but laws that require home health care agencies would increase employee. Wages, the New York Times reports The 300,000 – member union is threatening to strike next month if home care wages are not increased, however, with the state budget deficit, the union would not ask the state to foot the bill, in the past. In the past.

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