In a Phase I clinical trial.

In a Phase I clinical trial, the drug sorafenib reduced the mean %age of leukemia cells circulating in the blood by 81 % to 7.5 % and in the bone marrow from 75.5 % to 34 % among AML patients whose leukemia includes the FLT3-ITD mutation. Two patients had circulating leukemia cells , or blasts, drop to zero. – AML patients with this mutation have a particularly poor prognosis, so this highly targeted drug appears to be a significant step forward in the treatment of leukemia, says senior author Michael Andreeff, MD Anderson Professor Department of Stem Cell transplantation and cell Therapy and the Department of leukemia.

Citations: Hallam TG, McCracken GF. Management of white – nose syndrome panzootic by culling of bats. Conservation Biology 25 : 189-194.Source: Don Powell the Wellcome Trust Sanger InstituteFive years after the the founding of DECIPHER database – investigators have a report which of the of the roll the database showing into in both clinical practice and genetic research, released.