In a globalized world

The researchers believe that the key to the advanced student creativity was openness connected to adapt to the new culture. In a globalized world, where more people are able to acquire multicultural experiences ever ever before, this research shows that living abroad can be even more favorable than previously thought. – ‘The literature on structural changes in the brain that occur during intensive learning experiences Considering it would be worthwhile to investigate whether occur neurological changes within the creative process during intensive foreign culture experiences,’write the authors, William W . Hajo Adam, and Adam D. Galinsky. ‘This can help to draw a more nuanced picture of how foreign culture experiences may not only creativity , but also, perhaps literally as well as figuratively, broaden the mind. Source: Viral Genetics.

The new telepathology system was the first its type in in Ontario. There enables physicians in rural and isolated hospital you to access and consult specialized in UHN pathologists by immediately transmission of digital images pathology sampling possible rapid and accurate diagnosis of to patients irrespective of where they live. The first three pages on UHN have local hospitals in Timmins, Sault Ste. Ladybird and Kapuskasing of them are more than 600 km on Toronto. ‘Community The hospital often still leaving to diagnose on the general, onsite pathologists for routine instances but to postpone to specialist advice for the more challenging cases, UHN,’said Dr. Sylvia Asa, Medical Director, Laboratory Medicine Program and Pathologist – into – head at UHN. Historically community hospitals do not pathology service even and have to tissue and blood samples send them to laboratories in other cities. We needed a better way offer our services offer our services to these communities. ‘.

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