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‘If miniSOG miniSOG, tagged proteins and the sites we use to navigate, ‘said Tsien. ‘On the other hand, EM has the disadvantage that a snapshot a snapshot of cells before we killed them while the light microscopy can show the dynamics in living cells. Each technique has different complementary strengths and weaknesses ‘.

Led by Nobel laureate Roger Tsien, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and UCSD professor of pharmacology, chemistry and biochemistry, a team of scientists radically reworked a light-absorbing protein from Arabidopsis thaliana. When exposed to blue light protein protein produced abundant singlet oxygen, a form of molecular oxygen, which can be visualized by electron microscopy .Researcher at the University of Westminster Hotel who a simple and easy methods for the screening of female sex workers on sexually transmitted infections , without the necessity for it to attend clinics employed. Women were tampons that they use to raise their own samples and publish them in the laboratory could optionally. To results showed that the women in the study self – sampling very easily and much preferred this approach proved to for screening STIs and in addition, the testing methods used are more accurate than Used the usual tests.