Former HHS Secretary and Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson.

Former HHS Secretary and Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, who discussed the need to focus on health care, said the U.S. Has to a be ‘illness sickness and disease of society ‘and promised to ‘end breast cancer by the year 2015 for all women in America ‘(Shear, Washington Post.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani carried his proposal for U.S. Citizens with tax relief of up to $ 15,000 to purchase individual health insurance, he said: ‘They will an incentive to own their own health insurance. ‘ – However, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney said: ‘We have assured our citizens, and we are not going by by tax exemptions, because the people Mike Huckabee have not paying taxes ‘(Nagourney / Cooper, New York Times.Reduce disability and mortality in elderly runner. A 21 – year longitudinal study Eliza F. Chakravarty, Helen B. PhD, Vijaya is B. Lingala, PhD, James F. MD Arch Intern Med 2 008, 168 :1638-1646.

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