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The grant under Developmental Pathway MRC Funding Scheme is assigned for two years. For two years.early detection and diagnosis are crucial to ensuring that patients receive the appropriate treatment in time to slow the devastating effects of the loss of memory and cognitive function improved diagnostic procedures., awardh are easy to implement and cost – promotes early detection of disease. This allows the use of new therapeutic agents for the efficacy of treatment with regard to the health of patients and to optimize the cost, improve the prospects for life expectancy..‘David Prezant incarnates the spirit public service that ATS honor with an award,’said Dean Schraufnagel, Chairman by ATS. ‘His personal courage on the scenes at the World Trade Center, and his professional Mut documents the effects of of 9/11 exposure to the working thereafter are something that us any should strive towards. We congratulate him and give this award in recognition of his extraordinary job ‘ ‘.

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