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For the latest urology news releases from UroToday access,ActionFDA Action Letter for SugammadexSchering-Plough Corporation announced that the U .S. Food and Drug Administration has a ‘not – approvable ‘letter for sugammadex sodium injection for the reversal of muscle relaxation during issued a general anesthetic. – ‘We are surprised and disappointed by this action, particularly as sugammadex, a unanimous recommendation for approval obtained by the FDA Advisory Committee on Anesthesia and Life Support in March of this year,’said Thomas P. Koestler, executive vice president and president of Schering-Plough Research Institute. ‘Sugammadex is the first major pharmaceutical innovation in the field of anesthesia in two decades. We remain committed to this important medical advance to those who are waiting for in the United States, and you are planning with the agency working the problems the problems the primary hypersensitivity / allergic reactions associated. ‘There were no problems with regard to the efficacy of sugammadex.

SCHERING-PLOUGH DISCLOSURE NOTICE: The information in this news release includes certain ‘forward looking statements’within the meaning of of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including statements regarding the plans for the potential of and the potential market for sugammadex. Forward-looking statements relate to expectations or forecasts of future events. Schering-Plough does not assume any obligation, to update forward-looking statements. Many factors could cause the actual results to differ materially from Schering-Plough’s forward-looking statements, including the regulatory process, among other uncertainties. About these and other about these and other factors that could affect the forward-looking statements, Schering-Plough found with the Securities and Exchange Commission filings, including Part II, Item 1A, ‘Risk Factors’of the Company for the first quarter 2008 10 – Q.

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