For maximum reduction in HIV and HPV infection and disease in women.

For maximum reduction in HIV and HPV infection and disease in women, such as cervical cancer, the researchers suggest, that both circumcision and HPV vaccination of male population is to be delivered prior to sexual debut.

However suggest Giuliano and colleagues, that the high prevalence of HPV among HIV-infected men and the high prevalence of HIV among female partners of more than 60 %, referring the lack of efficacy of male circumcision. In this study it was noted that high and sustained prevalence of HPV among HIV-infected individuals is to ‘overwhelm probably have no preventive effect of circumcision. ‘ ‘Male circumcision important to reduce not only HIV infection but also HPV infection in HIV-negative men and their female partners,’said Giuliano. ‘It seems, however, its effectiveness is limited to HIV-negative men.Low Sagar – Deep has a background in business and marketing. He has been Chairman the NHS 24 and had been plurality of no – regulate leading positions at the fields of health, and do not-for – profit sector. It was also Executive Director of Glasgow Employer Coalition .

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