Faulty cell division put organisms read more.

Faulty cell division put organisms, including humans, on the road to diseases like cancer, Robinson notes, and a better understanding of how cells respond to mechanical stress on their shapes could both represent new targets for diagnosis and treatment of such disorders read more read more .

Working with hardy, single-celled protozoa that move and share similar human cells, the scientists watched by microscopes while using a small instrument that sucks like a straw, on the cell surface of cells forms deformed and creates distorted shapes. On a very old, which comes on a very old principle, Archimedes is based, allows us to cells without killing them deformed, much in the same way that natural processes in the body constantly assault them, Robinson says .


The research was supported by the Mallinckrodt Foundation, the American Heart Association the street from California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, supported to National Institutes of Health, of the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute, the Oak Foundation and to the Hagey MIT Laboratory for Paediatric Regenerative Medicine.

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