Director of CDC s Division of STD prevention.

‘expedited partner therapy ‘a ‘promising approach ‘(Wetzstein, Washington Times, Douglas is also recommended to to be repeated that girls and women are diagnosed with an STI three months after treatment to detect and treat possible reinfection.. Almost 50 percent of African-American girls had at least one of the four STIs compared to 20 percent of white and Mexican-American girls (Wall Street Journal, the researchers conducted to higher STI prevalence among black girls limited access to health care (Beras, Miami Herald, John Douglas, director of CDC ‘s Division of STD prevention, the conference recommended that doctors cured the girls and women with an STI diagnose them with additional medications to give their male partners. Douglas said the strategy, under 25.

The 838 participants randomly randomly from CDC 2003-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Their male partners. Percent of the participants submitted vaginal swabs for testing (Altman, New York Times, over 18 percent of girls were infected with HPV, 4 percent were infected with chlamydia, trichomoniasis were 2.5 percent and 1.9 percent had HSV2. About half of the girls surveyed acknowledged having sex. In this group 40 percent had at least one of the four infections (Wall Street Journal, among young people, had a sexual partner, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases has been reported , was 20 percent (Dunham, Reuters, From the participants that a STI had had 15 percent more than an infection (New York Times..This disease and deadly diseases in Darfur, Sudanat camps on intern displaced people in the Darfur region in Sudan, of sanitary situation is grim. Women and men live, eat and sleep beside her sheep, goats and donkeys. Besides the dirty and animal excrements that collects, there is not enough latrines or easy access to of soap and water the ten thousand of displaced are currently living in the bearings.