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Carried out Hepatitis B Healthcare – Related Quality of Life QuestionnaireQuality of Life evaluation is an important part of the the overall management system on of hepatitis B virus infection. However, a great challenge to see developing a valid and reliable disease-specific HRQoL is instrument to of hepatitis B patients. This is particularly relevant at the Chinese-speaking men, as a significant part of the 400 million hepatitis B sick the world ethnic Chinese. Released A current study, ‘reliability of and validity of any Chinese version of Health-related Quality of Life questionnaires hepatitis B patients, ‘into Value in Health, signals the study results of Chinese Hepatitis B Healthcare – Related Quality of Life Questionnaire is checked for reliability and validity of. The study was conducted in Singapore, a multi-ethnic state with a substantial Countryside ethnic Chinese population , performed twice monthly of a validation would help China questionnaire to the management and monitoring of of hepatitis B. Of disease progression with Chinese patient. The study was. Dr. Ong Siew Chin, professors of Searing Gee Lim and Shu Chuen Li on National University of Singapore and University of Newcastle, Australia, co-author Dr. Ong Say: ‘Our results show that this version is the culturally sensitive survey have good validity and reliability of so that it global a potentially useful outcomes during the evaluation of HBV patients in Singapore and may among Chinese patient.’.