Currently organ disease.

Currently organ disease, combined liver-kidney transplantation Beneficialcombined liver and kidney transplantation seems patients with diseases in both organs, including those with a condition known as hepatorenal syndrome who have dialysis was obtained for more than two months benefit to to an article in the August issue of the Archives of Surgery, one of the JAMA / Archives journals.

Of the 99 combined transplant patients, 31 had died at the end of the analysis. One-, three-, five – year survival rate of 76, 72 and 70 %. None of the risk factors of the researchers, including characteristics of the donor, the recipient age or previous transplants affects whether the patient would die analyzed after surgery. In two patients transplanted 70 % of the transplanted livers and 76 % of transplanted kidneys survived after one year, after five yearss, 65 % of the livers and kidneys of 72 %, and after five years, 65 % of the liver and 70 % of the kidney.The COT decided that after a glance at available information on glucosamine, no relation to damage to the liver could be found. Glucosamine is naturally present our body, and there is no further valid mechanism that likely to be caused with the damage the liver.