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As the location and number of bus shelters, seating and public toilets , the needs of older people are also in relation to housing issues, such as location, neighborhood considerations and land use considered requirements for special housing , and mechanisms to decrease older people. However, the diversity of older people and their different needs are not fully recognized Planning focus rather on combating in particular issues such as youth crime and problem drinking, or the mobility needs of older people. There is a need to understand older people different requirements for the use of space, what their diversity and different backgrounds.Recent law proposed from the managing to modernize and and to transform Medicare of how necessary after the 2007 the financing caution, even HHS effort would for dividing data. Under the plan, Medicare spending was are reduced by the application of of value-based principle and HHS will to utilize enhanced empowered and enable Medicare claim information for improving the quality, performance measurement, the public reporting and therapeutic purposes.