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MDT has developed a small, portable, easy to use spray to deliver a simple and convenient way to provide to deliver a preset dose of a therapeutic agent through the skin available. The spray applicator is placed gently against the forearm, and an actuator is pressed. A light spray containing a proprietary formulation nestorone is quickly absorbed by the skin. Nestorone into the bloodstream into the blood stream lasting for 24 hours and offers a practical and convenient once-a-day dosing schedule. The spray is fast drying, non-irritating and invisible after application.. ###Contact: Dr. Richard Treagus, CEO & Managing DirectorAbout Nestorone MDTWorldwide annual sales of hormonal contraceptives are about 7 billion, with combination with a progestin and an estrogen with more than 80 percent.

This information was courtesy of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation you can view the entire Kaiser Daily Global Health. Policy Report search the archives and sign up for email delivery of global health.Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive condition the brain caused by memory loss, confusion , personality or behavioral changes and other symptoms has characterized. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, view more than five million Americans present who Alzheimer.

The researchers studied 13 patients with mild Alzheimer disease, 34 patients switched treatment from mild cognitive deficiencies and 28 are healthy controls. The working group contains 37 men and 38 women with average age of 72.9 few years. , however, increasingly standard of neuropsychological tests , the study participants to with fMRI while performing a face – behalf of addressable memories object of.