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In men with a history of ischemic stroke, nonfasting triglyceride levels were about 191 mg / dL as compared with controls, the 148 mg / dL. – The authors, the new results they achieve note by the methods they have, including a higher statistical power: discovered by using nonfasting rather than fasting levels and with more statistical power than any previous study we have a previously unnoticed association between linear increases in levels of nonfasting triglycerides and gradually increasing risk of ischemic stroke. They say. The most recent European and North American guidelines on stroke prevention do not recognize elevated triglyceride levels as a risk factor for stroke.The occasion of an Institute for the Physics conference in Chester, Joe francs from Brunel University, discussed a novel process to coat plastics, ferrous metals and collagen with diamond-like carbon materials. According to francs The invention is important applications in the aerospace, and medicine.

Importantly, contrary diamonds DLC and other coating materials can on a surface, to several hundred degrees heating to be deposited. That is, plastics, and metals and ceramics may be coated having DLC.. The conference Novel Applications of surface modifiers, Applied Physics Applied Physics and Technology Division of the Institute of Physics, demonstrated Professor Joe Frank, as implanted medical devices and diamond-like carbon coated with a diamond-like carbon material which the severe bears, reduce the friction between the components offering slight corrosion protection.