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Ople can die with kidney failure.KCP members work together through the kidneys Community Emergency Response at coalition, and federal emergency response teams: – Give dialysis equipment, medicines and other medical supplies necessary for the management dialysis ,-provision of nurses and physicians to provide on-site dialysis to those in need; – identifying alternative dialysis ousted locations for those from damaged dialysis centers and hospitals; – Spread the word about the availability and location of emergency dialysis care; – Arrange transportation to emergency clinics in Haiti and the neighboring Dominican Republic, Florida and Puerto Rico for both patients and clinicians, and – Assist established dialysis centers in neighboring countries to maintain an influx of Haitian refugees in the treatment require.’Because dialysis treatments essential to a patient’s survival, make our make our community efforts suffer hopefully a difference for the citizens of Haiti to kidney failure in the wake of this tragedy, ‘added Thiry. ‘The response from our community to the disaster in Haiti is moving and inspiring.


diabetic being any of the major public health challenges which UK today, said Donna Castle, Public Affairs Manager on diabetic UK. In If late late, raw or poorly managed, it can lead to devastating complications such as heart disease, stroke and blindness.

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