Be the responsibility for the conservation of the FCI with slaughterers follow this web-site.

Be the responsibility for the conservation of the FCI with slaughterers. The FSA has been working in close collaboration with them and other stakeholders guidance guidance found found at the following link and make them aware of the new requirements for calves, at January 2009 were January 2009 were implemented. This follows a similar process, in force at the beginning of 2008, where the operators were obliged, FCI supply for pigs come follow this web-site here .

Kenneth Clarke, FSA Veterinary Adviser, said: Information on the food chain is a key element of the farm-to-fork approach to food security and the application of risk-based inspection systems contribute in slaughterhouses We encourage you slaughterers the guidance we publish have to develop FCI systems. Best suit their business use. We have a major task ahead of the FCI for all cattle and sheep implementation in 2010, and will continue to work with industry to produce useful and practical solutions.

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