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The Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine Oncology Program: This program was established in 2005, as Stuart Helfand, joined the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine. It is unique in Oregon. As the only academic institution in basic research on cancer of pets and providing advanced clinical care for pets with cancer The program its inception its inception and is aligned with the scientists with expertise in molecular biology, genetics, immunology, pharmacology and experimental therapeutics.

Future for personalized cancer therapy use, said Jeff Tyner, a researcher said in hematology / medical oncology, OHSU School of Medicine. He and Marc Loriaux, assistant professor of both pathology and of Medicine , are responsible for the drug screening research in the Druker Laboratory.. Hemangiosarcoma beat all dog breeds, but is in German Shepherds in German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers there is a fast-growing, highly invasive cancer. Helfand clinic sees about five dogs a month with this cancer. Thanks to this grant, the Druker laboratory is now studying a cell line in Helfand laboratory from a German Shepherd , who died this sarcoma developed. See researchers want, what develop drugs to treat this disease in return, this research may ultimately benefit people with similar cancers.Very poor couples qualify for no-cost health care under the program, by Zhao Xin, director of Hebei Commission shall on Population and Family Planning. Many Chinese women rural will not get any reproductive health care because she can not afford to or do not informed of the Dianzhen Hu said, manager of the family planning service station Fengning County (Xinhuanet, – Image courtesy of to may whole Kaiser Daily Health Policy indicate Reports, search the archives , or sign up for email service in the Emperor Daily Health policy coverage from press for imperial network a free service from The Henry Y.