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SEROQUEL licenses for the licenses for the treatment of mania associated with bipolar disorder in 42 countries, including the United States associated. SEROQUEL is for the for the treatment of schizophrenia since 1997 and is in 81 countries for the treatment of this condition are available. SEROQUEL is the fastest growing product among the top three brands in the atypical antipsychotic market. Sales in 2003 amounted to $ 1, and the product is currently ranked in the U.S. Antipsychotic market for new and total prescription share seconds, having recently overtaken olanzapine. – After 12 weeks, reached 66.8 percent of Seroquel-treated patients achieved remission versus 40, .The Department of Health should check on how best supporting by these developments:.

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Nick Rijke, to the National Osteoporosis Society, public or External Affairs Director, said: The amazing number of people suffer fractures of not a mere statistical breaks have a profound impact to quality of life strong waning mobility and independency 80th leader as experience than experience to the reduced quality of life and subsequent admission to a nursing home a grave a serious hip breach. By correctly identifying the endangered, NHS trusts can you time, money and most importantly, saving lives. .