Animals and people

So fariting new approach ‘for identifying microRNAs – PhD student at MDC develops new computer programmicroRNAs are genes which are important elements which produce regulate a variety of processes in plants, animals and people . MiRNAs are. Be promising diagnostic and therapeutic candidates for the treatment of human diseases Scientists around the world are trying to identify methods which miRNAs are actively developing in tissue samples or to identify new miRNA genes. So far, more than 600 human miRNAs researchers, each of which of several hundred proteins of several hundred proteins, the building materials and supplies of life were identified.

Researchers want to use this process , for example, cancer researchers cancer cells compared with normal cells, to find out which miRNAs may play a role in the development of cancer, Rajewsky said. In the – of miRNAs for basic medical research. But many well-known, but also unknown miRNAs in small in small numbers in the cells and are therefore overlooked by traditional methods, he added. deep sequencing methods, researchers can detect these miRNAs. This revolutionary high -throughput sequencing technologies, genetic material can be decoded quickly and at lower cost.

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