And evaluated the evidence for multiple health outcomes

Exercise during and after cancer treatment Now EncouragedSchmitz and her colleagues analyzed published studies related to five different adult cancers , and evaluated the evidence for multiple health outcomes more info . The Panel noted, although risks risks associated with the treatment of cancer, which considered if the patient must exert on on consistent evidence that exercise training can lead to improvements in aerobic fitness, muscle strength, quality of life and fatigue in breast, prostate, and hematologic cancer patients and survivors. They found the data for colon and gynecologic cancers were too small , draw definitive conclusions, and identified several areas that require further investigation. For example, a critical variable, says says, since more must be learned about the effects of physical activity in cancer patients over 65 years old, to interventions that help these patients to continue to live and function independently develop. Gastrointestinal tumors, suffer from weight to to loss of appetite and changes in their ability to swallow and digest food properly accommodated. The new guidelines indicate that both groups can benefit from exercise. Trials show that the exercise for weight control and reduction in body mass may actually reduce the risk of recurrence in breast cancer patients and ultimately reduce breast cancer mortality. Lean body massith cancer-related weight loss helps lean body mass, physical activity, which may contribute to increased strength and well-being to keep.

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